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Sports Dentistry & Custom Mouthguards

Dr. Pham provides high quality custom mouth guards to patients that participate in leisure sports as well as professional heavy contact sports.  Guards prevent dental trauma, concussion, and some facial lacerations.

Most organized sports now require the use of a mouthguard to participate. Dr. Pham recommends patients wear a custom guard as it will stay in place and prevent injury better than a stock guard. Guards should be worn during both practices and competition. The American Dental Association recommends that guards be worn during all contact sports.

  • The most frequent type of injury to the face during sports are dental injuries and the majority of these are preventable using mouth guards.
  • A fractured tooth costs much more than having a dentist professionally make a mouthguard.
  • The cost to extract, place and restore a tooth with a dental implant costs upwards of $5500.
  • Mouthguards should be worn at all times during competition; in practice as well as in games.

Concussion Prevention

The technology of a custom fabricated guard helps prevent concussions by inhibiting the jaw from crushing into the skull. The guard absorbs the pressure and shock waves that would otherwise be sent to the brain. Depending on what type of guard you choose, you may also be able to select a custom graphic on the front of the guard to display your school pride. Turnaround time for fabrication is approximately two weeks.

Many athletes do not wear guards during their activities simply because they are not comfortable and do not fit well. Custom guards will allow athletes to function normally throughout their activity.

Sport Mouthguards Work

Dr. Pham creates custom mouthguards for the following sports:

  • Football
  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Hockey
  • Boxing
  • Wrestling
  • Volleyball
  • Bicycling
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • and others...

The American Dental Association estimates that the use of mouthguards protects high school and collegiate football players from 200,000 injuries each year.

Wearing a sports mouthguard in conjunction with other protective equipment during activities is the best thing an athlete can do to protect themselves from the risk of dental injury as well as concussion. A custom fabricated guard will stay in place better to protect teeth from injury or any subsequent trauma. Over the counter guards simply cannot do this, because they are made to fit varying sizes and shapes of mouths rather than fitting snugly into place. Sport guards were originally worn by professional boxers in the early 1900’s, but have since become a standard protective equipment piece.

To get fitted for your custom sport mouthguard, contact us today.

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19 November 2016
Very competent and skilled complimented by courteous staff and clean/nice/new office.
20 October 2016
Moved to Santa Monica over five years ago and I've been going to the same dentist in San Diego for over a decade. Finally couldn't do the commute anymore and had to find a local dentist. My wife found Dr. Palmer and I couldn't be happier. Dr. Palmer and her staff are always welcoming and make you feel very comfortable. For a dentist office the vibe is somewhat relaxing and thats saying something. Definitely recommend her. And you can netflix while you're getting your teeth cleaned so what more could you ask for.
06 October 2016
Dr. Palmer is great! She gives you the information you need to know and she has a great bedside manner. I'm a person who hates the dentist and I'm pretty sensitive to mouth pain, but she makes me feel calm and I appreciate that
17 September 2016
Great visit. The office is nicely decorated. Staff is friendly and helpful. Dr. Palmer was knowledgeable, gentle and explained my dental needs. There was a nice view from the dental chair which helped me relax as I am sometimes anxious at the dental office.
16 September 2016
I had a lovely first experience with Dr. Palmer from start to finish. She is so friendly and approachable; she finds a way to be relatable to anyone she is taking care of. I went in for a simple cleaning and exam, but will be returning in a few weeks for a small follow-up procedure. I've been very fortunate to have few dental issues in my lifetime, but Dr. Palmer clearly explained everything to me, including advice about how to improve my dental well being moving forward. The facility was very comfortable and chic and the staff friendly and helpful as well. I would strongly recommend this practice! Looking forward coming back here year after year. Update: I went back a week later for my fillings appt. I was in and out of the office within an hour, and she worked on 3 fillings while I watched TV and listen to music the whole time. I am very thankful to have found Dr. Palmer and her team at Meridien Dental.